In one of the more embarrassing moments in the humility of sports history, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton walked off during his post game press conference.

With his hood up accompanied by a sourpuss look on his face, the NFL MVP showed little to no maturity after suffering a 24-10 loss in Super Bowl 50. Media members tried to get through to Newton and give him the platform to show some humility and sportsmanship after the game, but he wasn't in the mood.

Losing the Super Bowl in the fashion that his team did isn't something to be happy about, but Newton gave his detractors and any football fan plenty of ammunition to criticize.

Newton, 26, was sacked 7 times which included two forced fumbles from a relentless Denver Broncos defense that clearly rattled the star QB. There was also a moment in the fourth quarter where Newton, seemingly, could have gone after a loose ball but decided against it.

Newton only completed 18 passes and threw two interceptions in what was his worst performance of the season.

If the NFL wants a heel, I think it's official.

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