Mike Trout continues to add to his long list of highlight reel plays.

It happened in the fifth inning of Friday night's game against the Boston Red Sox. When Trout took off for third base in a steal attempt, Red Sox catcher Blake Swihart rifled a throw down to third base in plenty of time for the third baseman to tag Trout out.

Or did he?

On instant reply, Trout was able to make a "matrix" type swim move, avoid the tag and arrive in safely at third base.

Realizing this Trout immediately signaled for Angels manager Mike Scioscia to challenge the play where it was overturned via instant replay.

Watching the replay in slow-motion, you can clearly see how precise Trout's body control is so he is able to avoid the tag, multiple times, and slide in safely. The stolen base is Trout’s eighth of the season in 10 attempts.

After the play, the Angels broadcaster asked: "Is there anything in the world Mike Trout can't do?"

I don't think so.

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