One of the most frustrating things, when you are driving, is when someone switches lanes or is getting ready to turn and does not use a turn signal. We can all agree that drivers not using their turn signal can easily cause an argument as well as some major road rage.

I hear it often from most New Jersey drivers that it is always the Pennsylvania drivers that never use their turn signal.

But we've come to realize that it is not only happening with New Jersey and Pennsylvania drivers. In other states, you will also find this big argument where drivers are not using their turn signal.

We found this hilarious viral video that will make you laugh. You will probably want to share it with people you know that never use their turn signal.

@leogonzall created a video on Instagram where he made it seem as if he was reporting that the Department of Motor Vehicle was issuing a "new method of communicating for all drivers in the United States."

Can you guess what that method of communicating is? If you said turn signals, you are correct.

In the video @leoganzall also stated that the hilarious new method of communication for drivers is something that "may already be installed" and is called turn signals.

The other hysterical part is that he "interviews" a driver that did not use a turn signal and just like all of the Pennsylvania drivers that never use a turn signal, the driver made an excuse.

This could be the best-scripted video on social media. Now the question is, will we ever see those bad drivers finally use their turn signal? 

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