It's been quite some time since we've seen an ejection like this.

With pace of play rules and replay reviews in full swing, managers haven't had much to complain about during the course of a game.

The only thing left to blame the umpires for, seemingly, is balls and strikes.

That's what happened in Tuesday night's game between the Yankees and the Mariners.

It was early in the game of a scoreless tie when Alex Rodriguez was at the plate and seemingly went around on a check sing for a strike out. Instead, the 1B umpire said no on the appeal and Rodriguez drew a walk.

That's when Mariners catcher Mike Zunino had words for the umpire and was ejected. Soon after this McClendon came out and was ejected for his actions.

McClendon makes sure to go "around the horn" as they say and get his money's worth to each umpire who had a vantage point of the play.

Bonus points for the extra kick of his cap.


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