Everyday at 5:45 we play “Five Questions” where Pat Gallen asks Mike Gill five questions that are on his mind.  Sports, Pop Culture, Food and more, you never know what questions Pat might ask.

Here are today’s questions:

1. Kobe Bryant suffered a mild concussion and nasal fracture after getting hit in the face during the all-star game. Are we getting to the point where we see stars sitting out because of injury risks?

Mike Gill's Answer: No, NBA is one All-Star game that the players seem to like playing in.  They like getting together with the stars around the league, its the NBA's showcase event.

2. What 4 NBA Players would you want see in the slam dunk contest?

Mike Gill's Answer: Blake Griffin, Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant and LeBron James

3. Charles Barkley was named the Worst Celebrity golfer – you’ve said you would love to golf, so what would be your dream 4-some on the course. You and 3 other guys playing 18 holes – who would they be? (Can be any sport, celeb, anyone)…

Mike Gill's Answer: While I was unprepared for such an in-depth question, I'll go with Donovan McNabb, Allen Iverson and Cliff Lee.

4. James Van Riemsdyk stays put  - what does he need to do over the final 21 games for his season to be a success?

Mike Gill's Answer: Stay Healthy

5. It’s National Strawberry day today Mike – what is your go-to fruit?

Mike Gill's Answer: Pineapple

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