In his second season as Head Coach, Doug Pederson led the Philadelphia Eagles to win the franchise's first Super Bowl Title.  After his 10-year career in the NFL during which he spent seven seasons backing up Brett Favre, Pederson took his experiences playing in the league into his coaching career that started in 2009 under Andy Reid with the Eagles.  After Super Bowl 52, Pederson became one of only eight NFL Head Coaches in Super Bowl history to lead his team to a championship within his first two seasons with the team.

Eight Year Eagles Wide Receiver Jason Avant joined The Sports Bash on Wednesday talking his experience under Doug Pederson as a coach and what makes him special:

“The thing that makes Doug different and the things that make him special and that you can see he was going to be special is first off he’s as humble of a coach as you can get.  So when you’re humble, you’re pliable, you’re able to receive information not only from (Andy) Reid and other coaches but from your players, you’re always going to prepare the right way because you’re going to respect your opponent – The other thing about Doug, he’s a thinker, he’s always trying to figure out where can I put a player in a situation that will make our team thrive….I’ll give an example, Nelson Agholor has been maligned since he’s been in this city; (Pederson)said ‘Okay Nelson Agholor has great talent, let me move him inside where he doesn’t have to compete against the best talent in the NFL’….So (Pederson) is always trying to put people in position to win and make the team better.”

Checkout what Avant had to say about Nick Foles, Eagles winning Super Bowl 52, and more

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