NFL teams generally carry no more than three quarterbacks on their 53-man roster during the season.

The Eagles now have four quarterbacks after drafting Arizona's Nick Foles in the third round.

Foles will likely make the team given his status as a third-round pick. So will Mike Vick, who is the obvious starter this season

It will likely come down to either Mike Kafka or Trent Edwards, who has started games in the past and according to reports "bulked up" this offseason, adding at least 10 pounds. However, Edwards sat out the entire 2011 season.

Looking at the Eagles quarterbacks, you take a look at Foles, and with quarterback being the most important position on the field, any decision in regards to that position is a big one.

This is a position battle that will be a heated one in all the preseason games, you can't carry four quarterbacks, you will probably carry three - so who is the odd man out?

You spend a third round pick on Foles, you already have Vick, leaving Kafka and Edwards to battle for the back-up spot.  The obvious answer would seem to be Edwards, he wasn't drafted by the Eagles, they like Kafka and he has been in the system.

But keep in mind, the Eagles went out and got Edwards after he sat out the entire season last year.  While it's hard to get a real gauge on how the Eagles feel about Kafka who sat behind Vince Young last season when Mike Vick was hurt.

Edwards has played in 36 games in this NFL career, Kafka just four.

So if/when Vick gets hurt are the Eagles ready to turn things over to a guy who has played four NFL games or do they want to give those starts to Edwards?

That battle should be real interesting to watch during camp to get a real sense of who will win the back-up role.

Will play determine who wins the spot or will resume?

I'll end the argument right here:  Mike Vick starts, Kafka will be the back-up and Foles is the third-stringer.

It all begins May 12th at the first Eagles OTA.