Eagles OTAs have been an opportunity for Coaches and the media to see players on the field doing football activities.  In 2015 the Eagles receivers had 37 drops, the most in the NFL last season.  In order for Philadelphia to have a better offense in 2016 that is one major area that needs to be cleaned up, especially considering the team has chosen to not overall the Wide Receiver Depth Chart.  This offseason the Eagles signed Chris Givens and Rueben Randle to bolster their Receiving Depth but both of those players have under performed in comparison with their talent.

ESPN NFL Nation Eagles Insider Phil Sheridan was a guest on The Sports Bash on Wednesday and named the Wide Receiver he expects to have a breakout season in 2016:

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

"I think (Jordan) Matthews is really poised to have a breakout kind of year. I think he's done everything he can do, all a long since he been here, everything he can possibly do to kind of get yourself moving forward toward being an elite player. I don't know if he can be that in general but he's doing the right things. He certainly has size and decent speed and decent enough hands. Everyone had the drops last year and he was one of those guys but they all tried really hard to put that behind them....But I do think Matthews has potential to be a real good productive player."

Sheridan elaborated about another Eagles Wide Receiver who is working to get better:

"Jordan Matthews told us yesterday that, I think was kind of interesting, that (Nelson) Agholor actually bought a JUGS Gun, one of those machines that fires footballs at you, and he bought it and has it in his backyard. So he can go out and work on the JUGS Gun and improve his hands in that sense. So here's a guy with a real dedication to trying to get better."

Hear what Sheridan had to say about the Quarterbacks at Eagles OTAs along with Jim Schwartz and his defensive system application for players