As MLB free agency opens today, all eyes will be on the Phillies as they look to add to a roster that fell in six game to the Houston Astros at the World Series.

Many MLB pundits are connecting the dots to the Phillies and the four big-name shortstops that are on the market after they allowed Jean Segura to walk earlier this week.

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Phillies President of Baseball Operations, Dave Dombrowski, spoke at the GM Meetings on Wednesday and essentially told reporters on that he liked all four of the top free agent shortstops, making it likely that the Phillies are likely to explore the shortstop market.

“There are four really good shortstops out there, right?” said Dombrowski at the GM meetings. “I wouldn’t get into any specifics on which ones we like, but we like all of them, as I think probably every club in baseball. That’s not a revelation. We like them all.”

The four shortstops everyone is talking about are in no particular order:

1. Carlos Correa
2. Trea Turner
3. Xander Bogaerts
4. Dansby Swanson ·

So which one makes the most sense for the Phillies, or is most likely to be targeted by Philadelphia?

Well it seems that former Nationals and Dodgers star Trea Turner is the one that stands out per MLB Network insider Jon Morosi.

"For a variety of reasons, a lot of people here at the meetings believe the Phillies are perhaps the most likely landing spot of all for Trea Turner. Trea would love to play with Bryce again."

Which free agent shortstop would you like to see the phillies sign?

For me, i'm going to go with Turner as well and here's why.

Bryce Harper.

The Phillies need to do everything possible to keep Harper happy.  They duo played together in Washington and if Harper is endorsing a reunion, then if you're going to sign one of these guys, make it be the one that will make your MVP happiest.

Turner is probably the most versatile hitter of the group and would fit in nicely in the No. 2 spot in the order or even hit in the lead-off spot which he has done more times than any other spot in the order.

Here is what a lineup with Turner could look like:

1. Trea Turner
2. Bryce Harper
3. J.T. Realmuto
4. Kyle Schwarber
5. Rhys Hoskins
6. Nick Castellanos
7. Alec Bohm
8. Bryson Stott
9. Brandon Marsh

At the top it breaks up the left-handed bats of Harper and Schwarber and gives you more pop in the middle on the order with Hoskins moving into more of an RBI role.

Adding Correra or  Bogaerts, who have hit mostly in the middle of the order, would give you some protection behind Harper in the order. Swanson is a guys who has hit mostly in the No. 2 spot in the line-up for the Braves.

So what are your thoughts?  Which guy is the best fit?

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