Philadelphia sports fans and Eagles fans, in general, have a reputation for being a bit unruly at games.

The boos come flying out of a Philadelphia sports fan's mouth as freely as saying hello does when answering your cell phone.

However, maybe things are getting better?

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While most Eagles and Philadelphia fans will boast that they can outdrink other fan bases and that it's one of the toughest places to play - it's not even close.

SportsHandle surveyed over 2,000 football fans around the country to determine which NFL fans drink the most and found out that Eagles fans rank 26th in the NFL for booziest fans, averaging 3.4 drinks per game while spending an average of about $37. They rank 21st for biggest pre-gamers, with 55% of Eagles fans admitting to drinking before the game starts, and rank 26th for the biggest lightweight drinkers, with 28% of Eagles fans admitting to having missed some or all of the game due to drinking too much.

So who actually consumes the most alcohol during their teams' games?

The top 5 booziest NFL fanbases include:

  • 1) Cincinnati Bengals
  • 2) Baltimore Ravens
  • 3) Buffalo Bills
  • 4) Chicago Bears
  • 5) Carolina Panthers

It seems SportsHandle found some of the most laid-back Eagles fans and maybe didn't find their way over to The Jetro lot which includes lots M and N. There is typically a wide variety of great food with plenty of fun and games, like flip cup tables and beer pong.

For 1 p.m. games, the tailgate lots are usually starting to fill up by 9 a.m., the lots open by 8 a.m.

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