The Pete Rose mess put a dark cloud over what has been a great run by the current day Phillies.

The team finished their sweep over the hapless Washington Nationals, beating their N.L. East foes 13-1 in the series finale on Sunday.

However, the discussion on Monday centered around Rose and his comments made to reporters and during the TV broadcast on NBC Sports Philadelphia during the game.

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Rose was asked by Philadelphia Inquire Phillies beat reporter Alex Coffey about his presence at the game sends a negative message to women.


The question was in regards to a reports that Rose had a sexual relationship with a 14-year old minor female when Rose was 34. Rose admitted to having this relationship, but said he thought the girl was 16 years old, which in the state of Ohio is legal age of consent.

Who knew it would be former Phillies pitcher Curt Schilling to sum up Rose's appearance perfectly in this tweet response to Coffey.

"I say this as someone who knows him, who he treated kindly, but the things he says and his lack of self-awareness are unreal," tweeted Schilling. "HOF talent, absolutely, but just a bad bad guy with literally zero morals or scruples and not an ounce of couth."

Would would have thought Schilling would have taken such a stance, but it further confirms that Rose is a Hall of Fame level creep.

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