As the Eagles progress through the offseason, part of their preparations for the 2018 season is the different possibilities of who could be their starting Quarterback Week One of the NFL season.  With Carson Wentz still recovering from his season ending knee injury, Head Coach Doug Pederson confirmed to ESPN that Nick Foles will still be on the team's roster for the 2018 season.  There is a possibility that the Eagles, in an effort to not rush Wentz's recovery, could start Foles to begin the 2018 season.

NFL Network Contributor Lloyd Vance joined Rich Quinones on Wednesday discussing the future of Carson Wentz and Nick Foles with the Eagles in 2018:

“Eagles are going to take their time, they talk with their medical personnel and they know that Wentz is going to take a little while to get back here going into training camp and why not put the Super Bowl MVP out there, he’s on a great contract at seven million dollars this year – (Wentz) is definitely young and he’s going to learn when to get down on the ground.  We saw John Elway, who was a great athlete who could move around early in his career, learn how to slide learn how to get out of bounds and not take that big hit but still have that as part of his game to extend plays….(Eagles) are going to lean on Foles right now and lean on his leadership and say ‘Ok you’re our guy for right now’ but Foles being the humble guy that he is, he’s going to step to the background when needed when Wentz is ready.”

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