Here we go again with the curious case of Joel Embiid's health. Last season, the Philadelphia 76ers were in a tough predicament regarding their superstar center, Joel Embiid. Weeks before the Sixers' playoff debut in 2018, Embiid was dealing with a facial injury that would force him to miss a game during the first round. Fortunately, Embiid made his way back to the court, but the road to recovery was a confusing one.

Fast forward to a year later, and it's the same issues, different injury. For the last two months, Embiid has been dealing with a case of knee tendinitis. As the pain grew, Embiid would hold himself out for close to two weeks making a cause for concern.

Eventually, the big man made his way back to the floor, but he's been on and off the court for the last couple of weeks. Now as the 2019 NBA season is wrapped up, it's unclear if Embiid will be able to get the start this weekend against the Brooklyn Nets or not.

Before Wednesday night's matchup against the Chicago Bulls, Sixers' General Manager Elton Brand left the media with some uncertainty on Embiid's status. As we were set to believe Embiid's absence over the last couple of games was just for extra rest, it turns out that his knee pain could be causing a real setback right now. Naturally, everybody wanted answers from Sixers' head coach Brett Brown after the season finale, but his reaction wasn't exactly promising.

"I expect our starters to be available" Brown stated on Wednesday when asked about Embiid's status. Clearly, there's some uncertainty there, but the Sixers' coach remained optimistic just before he grew fed up with the questions regarding their big man. Although Brown and company will not guarantee a start for Joel Embiid in the playoffs, we'll have to play the waiting game and see what the Sixers say in this anticipated statement that should come out later on this week.

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