I have been saying since about week four of the NFL season that it is not likely the Eagles want to keep LeSean McCoy at his current $11.95 million cap charge.

So is this a smart idea for the Eagles to try and work out a restructure?

They certainly should approach him and ask him what he is willing to do, a possible restructure for the good of the team.  With a near $12 million cap hit, that's a lot of money for the Eagles to absorb.  However, the Eagles don't have a lot of options to replace him on the current roster, and keep in mind if you want to run the style of offense Chip Kelly runs McCoy might be a necessity.

One question that comes to mind is with Chip Kelly having final say now on the roster will he allow his ego to get in the with such an important decision.  Could Kelly think in the back of his mind that he could just plug and play anyone at that position?  Much like he did with the quarterback spot.

The Eagles still have Darren Sproles on the roster, he is simply not an every down back. Then there is Chris Polk, more of a downhill, physical runner, could the Eagles use that combo and add a back via the draft at a fraction of the cost to replace Shady and his outrageous contract?

As good as McCoy is, and he may be one of the best in the NFL at what he does, spending that kind of money on that position in today's game is not a smart financial move. Running back has become a position that you can find rather easily in the middle rounds of the draft, find a guy,m use him for two-three years and let him move on and draft another guy in the middle rounds, keeping your cost down.

So Eagles fans, do you think McCoy will be back with the birds in 2015?


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