With the July 31st trade line fast approaching, Ruben Amaro Jr. has some major decisions to make for the future of this team.

Many major league baseball executives believe the Phillies hold all the cards when it comes to ace Cole Hamels.  One reason is, so many of the available pitchers on the market just aren't pitching well

On Friday's edition of the Sports Bash, I asked former MLB front office executive Keith Law of ESPN.com about how the Phillies are handling the Hamels situation and when he might be dealt.

"I think he's gone by the deadline," Law stated.  "I hesitate because I don't know what ownership is telling Amaro.  You never really can predict what Amaro is saying, but there is a lot of interest."

While Hamels might be the biggest fish in the free agent pond, Amaro has a major decision to make laying right in the palm of his hands.  He once traded a high-level pitcher named Cliff Lee - you might remember that deal, he got nothing in return - that can't happen with Hamels.

"You would like to think that teams will up their offers enough and hopefully Amaro will come down a little bit on his demands," Law explained. "That there is a trade to be made before July 31st."

(Listen to ESPN.com MLB Insider Keith Law on the Sports Bash)

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