Sixers guard James Harden threw a curve call when he elected to opt into the final year of his contract in order to help the 76ers facilitate a trade.

So now where does this saga go?

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Expect the Sixers to keep their eye on the Dame Lillard situation, with the thought of trying to build a multi-team meda trade including both parties. Harden, who has one-year left on his deal, cannot be extended, but the Sixers have seen this act before with the Ben SImmons situation two offseason ago.

The team waited Simmons' request out, trying to lure him back to play with Philadelphia, before finally moving him to land Harden.

Could this be similar situation with Harden?

Team President Daryl Morey really didn't have a prior relationship with Simmons like he does with Harden and could try to wait this out, hoping Harden eventually changes his mind, remains in Philadelphia, allowing Harden to be a free agent again next offseason, while giving the Sixers a ton of cap-space.

"So far teams that have talked to Philadelphia, the asking price is extremely high," says ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. Again I think this is a process that will not be resolved quickly in Philly."

So is it realistic to think Harden will in fact be back in philly for the upcoming season?

"It more than conceivable," Wojnarowski stated.  "That' Morey's track record, not just giving away an asset. They do have time on their side in the offseason. They will be engaged with teams and I do think that with Lillard being on the market, it makes it harden for Philly if teams are prioritizing Lillard trades. But there might be a way where the is a multi-team deal that allows all of them to get what they want, but those don't tend to come together very quickly."

Wojnarowski reported last week that the Clippers and Knicks were two of the teams with interest in Harden, with a few other teams being mentioned, like the Bulls and Heat.

Here is one potential possibility per Jake Fischer over at Yahoo Sports, what includes the Bulls.

"Chicago would be one potential trade partner to keep in mind, as the Bulls have made Zach LaVine available in conversations this offseason, sources said, and could also send an All-Star such as DeMar DeRozan back to Philadelphia. But there will be many avenues the Sixers explore before finalizing a Harden trade.”

However as Wojnarowski explained, this could take awhile, get ready to buckle up for another wild offseason ride on the Sixers roller coaster.

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