We've gone through just about five months of football to get to one game in February.

Throughout that time, all 32 teams, in conjunction with the NFL, customized their fields to commemorate Super Bowl 50. Stadiums across the country would paint their logos and the 50-yard line the color of gold to celebrate the milestone of the 50th Super Bowl.

Well, in Santa Clara the countdown for Super Bowl 50 has begun and that means the field that the San Francisco 49ers play on has undergone a bit of a makeover.

The Twitter account for Levi's Stadium has released photos that provide a first look at stadium preparations and what the field will look like on February 7, 2016.

As expected, the field has a gold NFL logo at the 50-yard line with two opposing logos located at each 25-yard line dawning the Super Bowl 50 logo created by the NFL.

It can be a thankless job for the workers, but it must be worth it in the end when Super Bowl 50 comes to life.

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