There are some many things to do here in South Jersey.  The area is filled with great restaurants with tremendous food and drink options.  There is great entertainment in the area with the casinos and local bars, breweries providing plenty of nightlife, and live music

I used to read NFL writer Peter King, formally of Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports.  He wrote a column every Monday called MMQB and later Football Morning in America. The column was an emptying of his NFL notebook, but also featured things that appeared in his daily, everyday life, which was called 10 Things I think I think.

I want to bring something like that to the people of South Jersey and the Jersey Shore.

Share experiences of places I like, didn't like, food and drinks to try and random things that just come across my mind each day.

I will put these 10 thoughts out every Tuesday.

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So here is the first edition of 10 South Jersey things I think this week.

1. There are a lot of new places to eat in the area, but one new place that stands out so far is Molly's Kitchen.  I really think they do a great job and I generally go there one or two times per week.  I have yet to be disappointed.

2. The Beneficial Bakery at 6572 Mill Road in Egg Harbor Township is a place I think everyone needs to try.  I went there randomly one day, and had no idea what I was doing.  They are only open to the public on Saturdays from 9-11 and for order pick-ups that day. They do have an online store, which opens every Sunday at noon until they sell out which is usually by Monday morning and features a weekly rotating menu.

3. I will often talk about breweries. I am a big fan of craft beer and generally IPA's.  We do a segment on the show every Friday called "Happy Hour Friday" where listeners text in beer options for other listeners to try.  Its become a nice little beer community, that I hope people enjoy and gain more information of the great local breweries we have here in the area.

I would say if you have done so yet, spend a day in Hammonton and try out 3 Three's, Vinyl and Chimney Rustic Ales.  Its a great day and worth the drive (but don't drink and drive, bring a DD).

4. I saw that Atlantic City is doing something with Pop Lloyd Stadium, which is fine.  The stadium pretty much sits vacant over at 1200 N Doctor M.L.K. Blvd in Atlantic City.  They plan on making it a multi-purpose youth hub with a baseball field, soccer field, and three multi-purpose fields, complete with new grandstands, exterior work, fencing, and lighting.

I have no issue with this plan, I just had a much better one that could bring in a ton of money for the city over at Bader Field.

I have laid it out here.

5. Why do high school sports teams continue to play games at times when people can't get there.

These events should be enjoyed by as many friends and family as possible.  Football teams went to 6 p.m. games a few years ago, so you spend money to put lights up, and now only need them for a half of the game - smart.

Referees continue to tell me they don't like the 6 p.m. starts, as do parents.  So why not make them 7 p.m so more people can enjoy them.  Same with basketball games.  Why start a game at 4p.m. or 5:30? The Mainland girls had to play Hammonton at 4 p.m in a state semi-final game. Even if the boys and girls have to play on the same day, a double header should at worst be 5:30 and 7 p.m., not 4 and 5:30.

Let the parents finish work and still have time to drive to where they need to get.

6. With the football season in the books, I have been looking for more Netflix, Amazon Prime shows to watch.  So far since the Super Bowl, we finished up watching Suits, then watched the Night Agent, Fool Me Once and now we are watching Reacher.

I would rank them:

1. Suits
2. Reacher
3. Fool Me Once
4. The Night Agent

Anything you can recommend for me?

7. I would like to recommend my favorite pizza, but right now, I can't say I have that one spot that stands out.  There are plenty of great pizza shops, but what is the absolute best spot? I am a fan of Marsini's Kitchen for a pizza, what's you go to spot?

8. Went to Queen Jayne's in Somers Point, and really enjoyed the vibe.  Great assortment of drinks and even have some good craft beer options.  Its in a strip mall, but certainly doesn't have a strip mall feel, feels more like a casino bar.  Wish they had more food options (they do have some lite fare and local options), but I like the vibe.

9. I really enjoyed taking the Cape May-Lewes Ferry over to Delaware and look forward to doing it again this summer or early fall.  Its an underrated day trip that many people I know haven't taken advantage of.

10. Was cool to head out to Stockton on Saturday to watch the Osprey's men's basketball team play in the NJAC Finals against TCNJ.  Great facility and an underrated brand of basketball.  Place was packed and while Stockton didn't win the game, they did land an at-large bid to the Division III NCAA Tournament, they play on Friday.

Check back next week for 10 more things I think about South Jersey!

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