Here's what you missed on the Sports Bash Saturday with Matt Hammond on May 3:

-- Chip Kelly's going to do something unconventional with the Eagles NFL Draft. But you have to trust him, however hard that may be.

-- Flyers fans excited about reports that Ron Hextall may take over as GM, Paul Holmgren's not their biggest problem. Ed Snider is.

THE ROUNDUP: We Whip Around

(1) Donald Sterling breaks his silence, says: "I wish I had just paid her off."

(2) Damian Lillard sinks Rockets -- how big a disappointment is Houston?

(3) Arizona Sen. John McCain tells USA Today, it's time Redskins change their name.

(4) Floyd Mayweather threatens to call off Marco Maidana fight at least night's weigh-in.

-- Biggest concern with Chip Kelly is that he'll overthink Eagles NFL Draft, and with the league adding two more weeks this year to the offseason calendar, that's a risk.

-- If Mark Cuban and other NBA owners want to avoid "slippery slope" of Donald Sterling sanctions, they should draft a personal conduct policy -- like the one they forced on players.

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Mike Sielski (@MikeSielski)

-- NFL Draft is important for Eagles, but they don't have to be perfect. Not when they have a coach like Chip Kelly, who's proven he can develop young talent.

-- One positive in the mostly negative Donald Sterling situation: the chance to remind ourselves that NBA players have more power than those of any other sport.

-- Fans love when their teams are aggressive, but don't be so sure you want the Eagles flying up the NFL Draft board in a trade that costs them precious picks.

-- Through 7 innings, the takeaway from last night's 5-3 Phillies loss to the Nationals was, "This is a .500 baseball team." Then, the 8th inning -- and Mike Adams and the bullpen -- happened.

-- Funny how Philadelphia's four pro sports teams epitomize the best and worst of their respective sports, and how that makes them so easy or brutal for fans to root for.

-- Cliff Lee speaks after last night's benches-clearing incident that Lee kinda started.


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