The salaries of School Superintendents have always been a controversial topic, especially in today's world where some schools are having trouble covering expenses such as teacher salaries and facility maintenance.

According to the School Superintendents Association, New Jersey's top School District Executives make around $25,000 more than the national average ($156,468).  In a state where many School Superintendents received pay raises, New Jersey has many high-level School District Executives being well-compensated and South Jersey is no exception.

We have gathered the numbers of who are the highest paid School District Superintendents in Cape May, Atlantic, and Cumberland Counties from the 2022-2023 school year.

Here are the 12 Atlantic County School Superintendents who make at least $160,000 annually:

1. Kimberly A. Gruccio, Egg Harbor Township School District: $216,150
2. Mark C. Marrone, Mainland Regional High School: $214,625
3. La'Quetta Small, Atlantic City School District: $210,000
4. Philip J. Guenther, Atlantic County Vocational School District: $206,598
5. Annette C. Giaquinto, Galloway Township Public School District: $175,000
6. James M. Reina, Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District: $170,850
7. Robin Chieco, Hammonton School District: $169,900
8. Jeffery Zito, Hamilton Township School District: $167,975
9. Natakie Chestnut-Lee, Pleasantville Public School District: $167,500
10. David Cappuccio, Buena Regional School District: $166,563
11. Glenn Robbins, Brigantine Public School District: $166,260
12. Daniel Dooley, Absecon Public Schools District: $163,400

Egg Harbor Township High School in South Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

Considering that some of the highest Property Tax Rates in Atlantic County are the sending school districts for Egg Harbor Township and Mainland Regional, this list is not shocking.  But the fact that 12 of the 22 Atlantic County Full-Time Superintendents all make more money per year than the national average for Superintendents, that is surprising.

There are Six Cape May County Superintendents who make at least $160,000 annually:

1. Jamie Moscony, Cape May County Technical High School District: $195,000
2. Matthew B. Friedman, Ocean City School District: $190,000*
3. David J. Salvo, Middle Township Public School District: $189,064
4. Joseph A. Castellucci, Lower Cape May Regional School District: $181,476
5. John K. Kummings, Wildwood City School District: $180,582
6. Vincent J. Palmieri, Upper Township School District: $176,544

Cape May County Techical High School in Cape May Court House, New Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

We placed an asterisk next to number two on this list because Dr. Friedman left Ocean City for the same position with the Quakertown Community School District. He signed a three-year contract before leaving Ocean City after eight months on the job. Ocean City has employed two Interim Superintendents since Freidman's departure.

Here are the Six Cumberland County School Superintendents who make at least $160,000 annually:

1. Alfonso Q. Llano, Vineland Public School District: $211,150
2. Dina Rossi, Cumberland County Board Of Vocational Education: $206,536
3. Tony Trongone, Millville School District: $202,878
4. Keith M. Miles, Bridgeton City School District: $190,393
5. Peter L. Koza, Upper Deerfield Township School District: $181,500
6. Carl Dolente, Cumberland Regional School District: $163,875

Vineland High School in New Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

That is half of the Full-Time Superintendents in Cumberland County are all making more money per year than the national average. Two of the largest High School student populations in South Jersey are on this list (Vineland and Millville).

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