It looks like nightlife in Wildwood is about to get more exciting with the development of three new clubs.

Clubs used to dominate Wildwood nights. The dance floors, the DJs, the mirror balls and flashing lights.

In more recent years, partiers have flocked to 2nd Street and Old New Jersey Ave. in North Wildwood for the bar scene.

But this summer, BG Capital and DJ Jason Weiss are bringing clubbing fun back to the heart of the shore town, Wildwood Video Archive reports.

A hotel called The Residences on Pacific remains under construction on the 3600 block of Pacific and Schellenger Ave. in Wildwood.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to, the lower-level space of the complex will be broken down into three different venues: 1) The Fairview Social, 2) Four Cast Day Club, and 3) VYCE.

The clubs are conceptualized by Weiss, an award-winning DJ and entrepreneur. In a video on his Instagram, Weiss advised his fan base they should “start drinking water now because this summer will be a lot.”

I don't know about you, but I like the sound of that, lol. I'm particularly curious about the Four Cast Day Club and if it'll just be a midday hang kind of club or include a swimming pool like The Pool at Harrah's in A.C.

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And I agree with Wildwood Video Archive that The Fairview Social will be a fitting nod to the old Fairview club that right in the exact spot as where these new hot spots are being built.

Google Maps
Google Maps

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