Everyday at 5:45 we play “Five Questions” where Pat Gallen asks Mike Gill five questions that are on his mind.  Sports, Pop Culture, Food and more, you never know what questions Pat might ask.

Here are today’s questions:

1. The Nationals are trying to keep Phillies fans out of their ballpark. Do you have a problem with the Nats trying to force their fans into the park?

Mike Gill's Answer:  I understand what they are doing, but they are setting themselves up for a mess at Nats Field.

2. Rank these NBA Players in terms of guys you would most like to hang out with: Kobe, Nash, Dirk, Durant, Iguodala, Blake Griffin, Metta World Peace

Mike Gill's Answer: Kevin Durant is the guy I would like to hang out with, to ask him what he was thinking when people were saying to take Greg Oden over him.

3. I bet my buddy a case of beer that Jaromir Jagr would score 23 goals or less. My friend took over 23. Right now Jagr has 13 through 53 team games. So he needs 11 goals in the final 29 games. Will he get it?

Mike Gill's Answer: I don't see Jagr scoring 11 more goals in the final 29 games.

4. Sixers beaten by the Spurs. Does that game make you worry that they cant hang with the elite and how important is a win against the Clippers?

Mike Gill's Answer: Not worried, but will be very impressed if they win this game, but I already believe the Sixers are for real, this stretch proved enough to me.

5. If you had the choice of kicking a 25 yard field goal for 10k or taking a center ice shot through a little hole in the net for 10 grand, which would you choose?

Mike Gill's Answer: 25 Yard FG