To suggest the Sixers have had point guard issues thought the 'process' would be an understatement. The team started last year with undrafted rookie free agent T.J. McConnell running the point, before they finally made a deal to bring back Ish Smith.

Now with the 'process' behind them, this offseason, they made a concerted effort to add more talent to the position - adding Jerryd Bayless and Sergio Rodriguez though free agency.

Bayless hasn't appeared in any preseason games due to a wrist injury and currently doesn't have a timetable to return.

McConnell could split minutes at the point with Rodriguez on opening night, until Bayless is healthy, but what could the position look like moving forward this season, after three seasons of disarray?

I discussed on the Sports Bash with Philadelphia Inquire Sixers beat writer Keith Pompey who said:

“I think once (Jerryd) Bayless gets back in game shape he is going to be the starter. I was going over TJ’s and Sergio's statistics. TJ is shooting better - Sergio is only shooting 30%.

"They both have same amount of turnovers. Believe it or not TJ has better statistics. The reason being is Sergio will have a game with eight assists and no turnovers, the next game he had one assist, seven turnovers - he’s been very inconsistent."

"He is a good player, it just seems when he goes up against athletic point guards and the pace is fast, it messes his game up a bit. But when they go up against a slower team and he wants to run then it seems like he has the advantage but when other teams are just as athletic that's when he (Sergio) gets careless with the ball, he is trying to do too much because the speed of the game is a little fast for him."

"I think the fact that TJ has been the starter and is shooting 51% and 67% from three whereas Sergio is shooting 33% from three. The assist to turnover is about the same, I think they are going with TJ until Bayless gets back.”