So who are the top 100 players in the NFL? Are any Eagles players on that list?

Sports Illustrated put together the top 100 players in the NFL, which included a pair of Eagles, both on the defensive side of the ball.

Malcolm Jenkins – No. 56

The Eagles locked up Malcolm Jenkins to a four-year extension through 2020. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Jenkins is an elite safety who recently received a juicy new contract extension (five years, $35 million) and spent a great deal of his time last season covering the slot (47% of his snaps, per The footwork Jenkins showed in sticking to those quick inside receivers also happens to be part of what helps him thrive as a safety. He couples that quickness with the experience gained over nearly 100 career NFL starts to stay a step ahead of the offensive weapons he’s facing. He rightfully took his first Pro Bowl trip a year ago.


Fletcher Cox – No. 38

Eagles signed DT Fletcher Cox to a six-year, $103 million extension through 2022. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The public often slams players who lose their overall excellence after their teams undergo schematic changes, while the respect earned by players who are indeed able to transcend major playbook shifts isn't equally distributed. If it was, you'd be hearing a lot more about Cox and his ability to transition from a three-tech/nose tackle role in his rookie season of 2012 in a 4–3 base defense to Philly's multi-front 3–4 over the last three years. Early on, Cox was asked to penetrate as a one-gap tackle, and he could do that very well with his power and speed. But under Chip Kelly and defensive coordinator Bill Davis, the Eagles moved to a two-gap 3–4 base front with some one-gap variables, testing Cox's mettle. A lot of aggressive one-gap players find it difficult to play the waiting game as a two-gap tackle, but Cox excelled last season with a career-high 9.5 sacks and 77 total pressures. He was flexed in everywhere from end to straight-up nose tackle, and he disrupted consistently. With the hiring of new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, Cox should flourish in a 4–3 more similar to his rookie campaign.