The Philadelphia Eagles’ first-round pick in next week’s 2020 NFL Draft is widely believed to be reserved for a wide receiver.

Its a perceived to be a very deep wide receiver class, but last year had some very good talent as well, but the Eagles second-round pick of J.J. Arcega-Whiteside hasn't worked out.  Nelson Agholor, a 2015 first-rounder also never really developed into the player the Eagles has hoped. There have been plenty of other disappointing misses in the draft, including Josh Huff and Mack Hollins.

So what exaclty are the Eagles looking for this season in a wide receiver?

"I think it’s time speed and play speed," explained Eagles Vice President of Player Personnel Andy Weidl on Thursday. "I think you talk about when you're watching a guy play, sometimes the 40 times don't match up with the play speed, but a lot of times you have to come back to what you see on tape, are they running by people consistently, do they create gaps of separation. I think those are all things."

One obvious thing to consider as to why the Eagles need to look at the wide receiver position is age. DeSean Jackson missed mist of last season due to a core muscle injury and isnt getting any younger, and Alshon Jeffery will likely miss sometime again this season with a Lis Franc injury, both could be entering their final season with the Eagles, and the team needs to supply quarterback Carson Wentz with more offensive weapons.

But would the Eagles move up, or potentially add more picks to get Wentz that player?

It seems that its a possibility, according to ESPN's NFL reporter Sal Paolantonio, who posted this report today on his Instagram account.

Here is what Roseman said today when asked if he would be more or less reluctant to make another deal, especially in the first round if he felt there was a player he really wanted to to move up for.

"I think when we are moving up in any round – first round, second round, third round, fourth round – I think we just look at the value of the player, where the board drops off," Roseman stated. If we see a big gap and there's a big drop off, then we'll look at that. If we feel like there's a group of guys that we really like that we can choose from, then we'll probably stay put or move back.

I remember in 2010 when we traded up for [DE] Brandon Graham and then we moved back in the second round and got some of those picks back. There's ways to do that, there’s different ways to go through this draft process, and we'll be ready for all those opportunities."

It’s also an unusually deep wide receiver class this year, with names like CeeDee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs III at the top of draft boards. The team could try to package picks to obtain one of those players, but if those names are off the board when the Eagles pick at No. 21, they could move down and try to add more picks and grab a couple of second-tier wideouts.

Weidl discussed the wideout depth in this class.

"Time will tell with this draft class, as with each class. But it's an exciting class," Weidl said. "There’s different flavors, obviously, different types of receivers and there's plenty of them in this draft, and at every level we feel. We're excited. Our scouts have done a great job getting to know these players, stacking the board. We had an excellent round of meetings last week with our coaches and everybody had a chance to voice their opinion. We’re excited about the strength, the depth and the level of players that are in this draft at the receiver position."

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