Despite the loss of Carson Wentz for the rest of the season, the Eagles are still 2017 NFC East Champions and in position to clinch home field advantage for the NFC Playoffs if they win over the Giants this Sunday combined with a Vikings loss.  The Eagles Defense is Fifth in the NFL in Points Allowed Per Game (19.2) and Fourth in Total Yards Allowed (3,825) while the Running Game is Second in the NFL in Rushing Yards (1,859) and Fourth in Yards Per Rush Attempt (4.6).

NFL Network Analyst and 3-Time Super Bowl Champion Willie McGinest joined Mike Gill on Tuesday discussing the Eagles moving forward without Carson Wentz:

“I know losing Carson Wentz is a huge blow, he’s been a phenomenal Quarterback, he does so much – But they have a great team and they have a great running game, that defense is phenomenal and they have all the other components....(You can’t) just plug in Nick Foles and think you’re going to get the same (production) as Carson Wentz but they have a good coaching staff where they’ll (tinker) with the game plan and what they can incorporate to make it fit Nick Foles’ skill set.”

Hear what McGinest had to say about Playoff Contenders losing in Week 14 and latest NFL news

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