The calendar flipped to 2024 and we are almost through the winter, into the spring season.

Pretty soon we will be thinking about making Spring Break plans, but did you know that the No. 1 Spring Break destination in the country is right here in our backyard?

According to the website, based on these categories, music events, Bars, nightclubs, late-night food venues, hotels, casinos, average price of a drink, average price of a hotel room, average taxi cost from the airport to the city center and last call at the bar, Atlantic City was named the No. 1 Spring Break destination in the U.S.

Many of these things rank high on the list for Atlantic City, like live music, plenty of clubs, late-night food venues, and the number of hotel rooms and casinos. The drink prices are fair, as are the hotel room prices.  With the airport close by, it is easy to get to AC quickly and of course, many of the bars are open 24 hours.

The coastal resort city, known as ‘mini-Vegas’ or ‘America’s Playground’, is mainly associated with its buzzing casinos and the world-famous Boardwalk. Despite its popularity, the city’s hotel prices have stayed low with an average cost of $116 per night. Placing on top of our list of party cities, the best part of AC? There is no last call at the bar, so the partying doesn’t have to stop.

The rest of the Top 10 featured pretty much the cities you would expect to see on the list of places to visit for Spring Break.

2. Miami Beach, Florida: 9.85

3. Hoboken, New Jersey: 8.76

4. Key West, Florida: 8.61

5. Miami: 8.53

6, Las Vegas: 8.25

7. Baton Rouge, Louisiana: 7.95

8. New Orleans: 7.89

9. Reno, Nevada: 7.81

10. Shreveport, Louisiana: 7.73

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