Sixers rookie Ben Simmons went through five-on-zero practice drills during the team's practice on Tuesday.  It's the first time Simmons, who injured his foot back on Oct. 4 at Stockton University, practiced with the team since undergoing surgery to repair a fracture in his right foot.

Sixers coach Brett Brown joined me on the Sports Bash and said the top overall pick in the 2016 draft went through sort of a walk-through, at about 80 percent. While he would not provide a timeline for a return, he did provide an update on the injury,

"What we do know is that his injury and the healing of his foot is going completely on track and everyone should feel comfortable about that," Brown said.

Simmons had a screw inserted to repair an acute Jones fracture in his right foot.

It was the first time that Simmons was about to be around the guys, in a Sixers practice jersey.  Recently, the Sixers hads the first overall pick, travel on the road to Boston and Brooklyn with them to get a taste of the road and bus trips.

"All of the those things sort of add up, where he is slowly being integrated back into the group," Brown explained.  "And now he had a chance to actually do some stuff out on a court."

The Sixers (10-25) have won three of their past four games, and a Simmons return would be a major boost for the team.

"You had a feel good attitude with Ben Simmons running around," Brown acknowledged.

"It's a spirited gym, there's a good feeling."


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