With the sports world being shut down, our pockets have started to feel a little heavier over the past 4 weeks with nothing to bet and lose our money on! That is why I am here to help. But in all seriousness, the NFL Draft starting April 23rd is going to be a welcomed and much needed sports distraction.

On the latest episode of my podcast "The Fix"  I was joined by sports gambling and daily fantasy sports Insider, Ben Heisler to discuss a few of the "best bets" for the upcoming NFL Draft.

Here are a few of the best bets that we feel confident in to make some cash!

Tua Tagovailoa draft position: Over/Under 2.5: 

With the consensus number 1 pick being Joe Burrow, the question remains if Tua Tagovailoa will come in at number 2. The Over/Under is set at 2.5. Under 2.5 would mean you feel Tua goes number 1 or number 2 and Over means you feel he is selected third or later. Under 2.5 is set at +310 while over 2.5 is set at -400. Despite the value being minimal, the sure thing is to take the "Over" 2.5 for Tua here. 

Listen to this short 1:00 minute clip of my conversation with Ben Heisler by heading over to my youtube channel to get our best bets on some of the following:

  •  How many LSU players will be drafted in first round: Over/Under 4.5
  • Who will Joe Burrow hug first when his name is called? Dad/Mom/Girlfriend
  • Will a Dog be shown on video?

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