There's no telling how many different ways the first round could go for the Eagles.

I at least know what I want to happen.  Here I will offer my ideal first-round scenarios for the Eagles, is there a best-case scenario and a worst-case scenario?

Here is my thoughts on both.

When the Eagles are there at pick number 15 here is the best-case scenario:  For me that would be Luke Kuechly still being on the board and the Eagles taking him, adding to their biggest weakness from last season; the line backing core.  I have seen Kuechly as high as number five and most of the mock drafts this final week have him going in the top ten.

As far as versatility, he is head-and-shoulders the best line backer in this draft and with the addition of DeMeco Ryans to man-the-middle, adding Kuechly would give the Eagles two potential stars at the positon.

Another solid option would be for the Eagles to trade down and get more picks.  They currently have three of the top 52 picks in the draft, but if you can move from 15 to 18 or 20, and still get one of the myriad of prospects we have talked about on the Sports Bash that a lot of us seem to like, this could be the way to go.

If you can add another third or fourth round pick and add the same caliber of player a few spots down in the first round, this seems like a logical move.  If Kuechly isn't there, Fletcher Cox seems like the one name you hear more often then any other name (which probably means the Eagles want nothing to do with him).

Is there even a worst-case scenario?

This team has needs, but no real dire needs.  Which means they really can go in any number of directions and can afford to take the "best player available" at number 15 and get a real quality football player.

Over the past few weeks, talking to people in the scouting world and the Scott Wright's and Wes Bunting's of the world that after the top six players, there isn't a lot of difference in talent between players seven and 27 in this year's draft.

There are a lot of really good players that can be impact-players based on what the Eagles need, so it would seem there is no worst-case scenario pick this year for the Eagles.

Then again, they could move up and take Ryan Tannehill, making me shave my head bald.  That my friends would be an all-time worst-case scenario - for both me and the Eagles.