When you think of summertime, one typically thinks about spending days at South Jersey Beaches and nights on the Boardwalks.  You think about the seasonal restaurants that are on your must-visit list every year.

But one other staple of the summer season for many people is the drinks they identify with this time of year.  I am not talking about Lemonade stands for kids and the adults who grew up watching "Fast and Furious" movies drinking Corona Beer in a bottle.

Over the last decade, New Jersey has seen incredible growth to the state's Craft Brewing Industry.  Everywhere you travel throughout The Garden State, you will find quality craft breweries making some of the most unique brews you will find anywhere.

Yet some of the best Craft Breweries in all of the state can be found in South Jersey.  In Cape May County alone there are 10 Craft Producers of Brews and the city of Hammonton has three within the city limits.

If you enjoy Craft Beers, you already know there is nothing more refreshing than a Craft Brew to drink on a hot summer afternoon on your deck or a Craft Beer to drink when the sun goes down at your Shore House Party.

What Are The Best Craft Beer Choices For Summer In South Jersey?

Here's the problem: When you go to many liquor stores, you are unsure what the best Craft Beer options are and we have all been recommended Craft Brews that were NOT what we expected or hoped for.  So this is where a South Jersey resident and Craft Beer Enthusiast such as myself comes to help you out.

I have made a list of some great craft beer options produced at local South Jersey Breweries for you to get your hands on this summer season.  Whether you are vacationing in South Jersey or a local resident looking for some new suggestions, here are some of my favorites for you to enjoy:

The Best Summer Craft Beers To Pair with your 2024 Summer Activities

The 2024 Summer Season is here and you are already making plans for all the activities you want to partake in over the coming months. Whether you are a South Jersey Local or vacationer, you should know there is more to this area than just beaches and boardwalks.
Some of the best Craft Drink Producers in the state can be found within a short drive of Cape May and Atlantic City areas. Whether you want an adult beverage for your next trip to the beach or you are having a Summer House Party, here are some of the best Craft Beers produced at local Breweries you can enjoy this Summer.

Gallery Credit: Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

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