With the confirmation by Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson that Carson Wentz has torn his ACL, Nick Foles will be the team's starting Quarterback moving forward.  Since Foles' 2013 Pro Bowl season with Eagles throwing 27 Touchdowns and just Two Interceptions, he has compiled 23 Touchdowns and 20 Interceptions with a 58.9 Percent Completion Percentage in 26 games and an 11-9 record as a starter.  Foles will have large shoes to fill for the 2017 NFC East Champions as they prepare for the playoffs.

Eagles Linebacker Nigel Bradham joined Rich Quinones on Monday with his perspective on the team moving forward without Carson Wentz:

“(The season) is far from over and we know what we can do as a team and have shown what we can do.  We want to be great, our confidence is still there, we know we are going to have to play even better defense and we know people are going to have a tough time trying to stop our run game as well.  We also got Nick Foles who is going to fill in there and Nick can make plays, he’s proven that in this league – He’s been in these situations, he’s had success….He’s a true leader himself, he’s been a leader all year, throughout Training Camp as soon as he came in Day One (showed) his leadership.  And I think that plays a big part of us to be able to have success going forward.”

Checkout what Bradham had to say about win over the Rams, clinching the NFC East, how the defense needs to improve, and more Eagles talk

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