One of the prevailing opinions across the sports landscape is that Sam Bradford's arrival at Eagles facilities on Monday is a sign that he is conceding to the reality that his only option is to play for the Eagles in 2016.  ESPN NFL Business Analyst Andrew Brandt was a guest of The Sports Bash on Monday, he explained how the lack of options led both sides to this "marriage of convenience":

"Once the options had been exhausted he was obviously going to come back. As to what those options are, again it's hard to know but the options always involve potential trades....I think that Condon and Bradford would've at least liked to see if the Eagles explored those, maybe they did. I'm sure from the Eagles perspective, having been in their shoes, if you're going to ask for a trade for someone you've already paid 11 million dollars you want a lot. And is someone going to give up a lot for Sam Bradford at this point? No. So what have we learned? We've learned these two sides, as much as we joke about it, they need each other, they really need each other. Bradford needs the Eagles cause he has no other options. And the Eagles need Bradford because they desperately, desperately, desperately don't wanna play the rookie (Carson Wentz) anytime soon. So here we are, it's a marriage of convenience."

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