The Eagles have a unique situation at the Quarterback position with veteran Sam Bradford entering his 2nd season in Philadelphia anointed as the starter for Week One of 2016, career backup Chase Daniel setup as the backup and offense translator for the players new to the Doug Pederson offense, and then you have the 2016 NFL Draft 2nd Overall Pick Carson Wentz heading into the season in a "Redshirt" role so he can take time to learn the offense and adjust to the NFL game.

Nine-year NFL Offensive Lineman and Breakfast on Broad Host Barrett Brooks joined Mike Gill on Monday and explained why Wentz will not be ready to play in 2016:

Jon Durr/Getty Images

“If you put Carson Wentz in the next draft or the year before, I don’t think he’ll garnish the number two pick in the draft; I think because this draft was unique in the aspect that he was the second best quarterback in the draft and he went number two. The likelihood that he’ll be ready to play is kind of farfetched – I know people are saying at the end of the season he’ll be ready to play and he should get an opportunity to play.  At this point from what I see, he’s just not ready, just to be honest, he’s not ready to play.  As far as mechanics, as far as his overall knowledge of how to play the game, as far reading defenses."

Checkout what Brooks had to say about the Eagles Cornerback position battle, the poor play of the Wide Receivers last season, along with his observations of the Offensive Line and Defense so far in Eagles Training Camp