From the day the Eagles re-signed Sam Bradford through the turbulence of the offseason, Head Coach Doug Pederson has repeated the same mantra numerous times: "Sam Bradford is our starting Quarterback".  Entering his second season in Philadelphia, Bradford has the opportunity to live up to the expectations that led the Rams to draft him as the Number One Overall Pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Breakfast on Broad Co-Host and Former NFL Offensive Lineman Barrett Brooks joined Mike Gill on Monday and explained why Sam Bradford should be the Eagles starting Quarterback in 2016:

“Sam Bradford has put himself so far ahead of both quarterbacks that its not even funny – I don’t know what people are looking at when they say Sam Bradford isn’t having a good camp....If you look at the other two, they throw a lot of check downs because they don’t understand which holes are going to be open. Bradford understands where he has to get the ball in those tight spots, he understands where the ball is going pre-snap because he knows what the defense is trying to do to him.  He’s far superior, at this point, than any other quarterback on the field.”

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