At the quarter point of the 2018 season, there has been extensive criticism given of the play of Jalen Mills and it has been suggested that he is a liability for the Eagles Defense.  During the NFL Draft process, one anonymous AFC Scout projected Mills future was as a Slot Cornerback in the NFL, but the Eagles have started Mills at Outside Corner for 21 games over the last two plus seasons.  Mills, 24 year old, has compiled 3 Interceptions in 2017 while allowing 7.5 Yards Per Pass Attempt when he was in coverage which ranked him 35th best in the NFL and allowing 41 percent of Pass Plays Thrown Against.

NBC Sports Philadelphia Eagles Analyst Barrett Brooks joined The Sports Bash on Monday with his perspective on Jalen Mills in the Eagles Defense:

"(Eagles) can’t continue to leave Mills out there by himself, you just can’t do it. If you're going to play him let him play his ball get beat up receivers, re-route receivers. As far as the safety goes, we need somebody out over the top and that’s why we miss (Rodney McLeod). He was one of those guys who was always in position he just couldn’t catch, that’s the only thing McLeod just couldn’t make a catch, but he was there to make a play and I think (Titans) game would have been a lot different if he was in the game - Titans knew how to game plan it where they could get Mills alone 1-on-1 and we’re gonna have to find some way to change things around. I don’t know whether it is moving up Jalen Mills maybe to safety or putting him in the slot so he can use his aggressiveness coming down hill making tackles, things of that nature or putting Sydney Jones on the outside.  But whatever it is they need to find out what’s comfortable for the players, what’s good for those guys to take advantage of their skill set."

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