The 2016 Atlanta Falcons reached the Super Bowl but along the way stumbled over the Philadelphia Eagles, losing 24-15 at Lincoln Financial Field.  In the win, the Eagles compiled 208 Rushing Yards and did that without Lane Johnson at Right Tackle.  In 2017, current Eagles Running Back Jay Ajayi played against the Falcons on October 15th while Ajayi was with the Miami Dolphins; in the game he rushed for 130 Yards while averaging 5.0 Yards per Carry.  Over the last two seasons, the Falcons defense has allowed opposing offenses to rush for at least 120 yards nine times, showing that the Falcons defense allows opponents to move the ball on the ground if opposing offenses are committed to the run game.

NBC Sports Philadelphia Eagles Analyst Barrett Brooks joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday with his perspective on the match-up of the Falcons Defense versus the Eagles Running Game:

“When you have a smaller defense like (the Falcons), they run so fast they run themselves out of plays and they create holes just from their speed that they have that from the backside so you are going to have a lot of cutback lanes – So if (the Eagles) go out there and run the ball, especially with Ajayi having success against them, knows where these holes are going to be at….The biggest thing is they have to stay on time (on offense), they have to stay consistent, and run the ball like they did last year.”

Checkout what Brooks had to say about the Falcons Offense, expectations for Nick Foles in the Playoffs, his experience with Jon Gruden, and more NFL talk

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