Heading into Sunday's matchup with the New York Giants, Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson had been successful in his calculated risks by going 5 for 5 on Fourth Down in the team's previous seven games.  Pederson's play calling was not so successful on Sunday as the Eagles' offense went 1 for 4 on Fourth Downs.  One can point to the failures on 4th down being a major factor in the loss.

Nine Year NFL Offensive Lineman Barrett Brooks of CSN Philly joined The Sports Bash on Monday and discussed Pederson's play calling:

“I like Doug’s aggressiveness, I understand where he is coming from. He has a lot of confidence in his players, but at that point you have to be more sound in the play calling that you use. I do not think that the play that they did running with Carson holding the ball, it just did not make sense to me. Then also the fact that you have a fourth and one and you do not have your power back Ryan Mathews in their. You need Ryan Mathews in their to go down hill, instead you have your smallest back in their running an inside zone play. Kelce is not playing well at this point either. It just was not a good play call and was not a good personnel package.”

Checkout what Brooks had to say about Carson Wentz recent slump in play along with his perspective on the Eagles team overall