2016 season is one in which the Phillies have committed to the future and that future looks promising. NBC Sports Lead Baseball Writer Craig Calcaterra spoke with Mike Gill about how the Phillies are going in the right direction:

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

"They turned a corner, the story for at least two years, maybe three years depending on how pessimistic you were, was that the Phillies needed to tear down (and) rebuild, they were getting too old. And everyone thought they were waiting too long to do it. Well they did it last year and they got more value then a lot of people I think thought they were going to get for Hamels and everyone else, stock the system up. Is it the best system in Baseball? No but it's a lot better than it was. (Maikel) Franco is a legit star in the making. There's this thing when a team is crumbling and a team is decaying its miserable to watch, it's hard to be around. Once they finally pulled that band aid off, realized 'OK we need to get moving here in a new direction' there's a sense of relief. The Phillies are in that point right now; you can watch this Phillies team as a Phillies' fan and be excited for the future. It ain't gonna be this year, their gonna run out of gas here pretty soon, probably going to be a fourth place finish it looks like which actually is better than a lot of people thought they would be. But the seeds are there now...they're on the right track."

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