The Sixers are 4-18 so far this season which puts them ahead of their ten  wins pace of last season.  Yet conversation is about if Brett Brown is the Head Coach for this team long term after early season questions about his game management and ability to develop young players.

ESPN NBA Analyst Tim Legler joined Josh Hennig on Wednesday with his perspective on Brett Brown as Sixers Head Coach:

"Feel like it is really difficult to give a full assessment of a head coach when you have given him this many restrictions on his ability to do what he wants to do with his roster. What i mean by that is not just minutes restrictions on his best players Joel Embiid and (Jahlil) Okafor. You also have a situation where the number one pick in the draft, a guy that really you expect to be if not your franchise player, then your co-franchise player in Ben Simmons, has not even taken the court yet. When you do not have your full arsenal, and even the guys you do have that are playing aren’t allowed to play for key stretches....Until Ben Simmons comes back, they make a decision on that they want to do with their Bigs before the trade deadline and let's see what this team looks like when Brett Brown can just coach basketball without this list of things in his back pocket that he cannot do.”

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