The Eagles have spoken.

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly told the media today that the reason DeSean Jackson is no longer a member of the Philadelphia Eagles are football reasons.

“We were going in a different direction at the wide receiver position,” Kelly told the media Monday.

So Eagles fans are you  comfortable with that answer?

The Eagles are basically giving fans a similar answer that the Phillies gave when they traded away Cliff Lee.  You all remember when Ruben Amaro Jr. famously told the media that trading Lee was a baseball decision.

Many reports about why Jackson is no longer have surfaced, one report stated that the Jackson had cursed at Kelly in front of teammates and was a general problem all season long.

“I’ve never had one issue with DeSean,” Kelly said. “I’ll say that publicly. He never yelled at me. I never never yelled at him on the practice field. I don’t know where that came from.”

Another now famous report suggested that Jackson had gang ties and was an outcast on the team.

“It has nothing to do with anything that was ever written in a newspaper article or any off-field behavior with him. DeSean was great in the year that I had him. It was just a decision that we made as a team that a lot of teams make at that point in time.”

So Eagles fans are you ok with Chip Kelly saying they cut Jackson for football reasons?