Before I start I want to say I am not blaming the loss to the Panthers on Sam Bradford. He of course was part of it, but a lot more went into it, including seven dropped passes, lack of talent at wide receiver, poor offensive game-plan to name a few issues.

"Yeah, I think you could argue two of them, but we had at least eight, could have been ten," Eagles head coach Chip Kelly said after the game when asked about the Eagles dropped passes. "And obviously, we're not going to win if we're doing that, you know what I mean? There are too many for us -- we have to be able to sustain things and we have to be able to make catches out there."

Sam Bradford completed 26-of-46 passes for 205 yards and an interception in the Eagles' Week 7 27-16 loss to the Panthers.

(Listen to NFL insider KC Joyner discuss Sam Bradford)


Bradford looked okay, but he surely wasn't special, and special was what you were looking for when you traded away a second round pick to get him. The offensive line looked solid in the run game to start this game.

DeMarco Murray opened things with 18 yards on the first drive of the game, but a holding penalty on Lane Johnson cut short the opening drive of the game.

On the team's second drive, one play, one interception.

Bradford’s interception was a drop thrown behind Jordan Matthews, should it have been caught? Absolutely, but it simply wasn't a great throw by Bradford.

Right now, seven games in Bradford simply isn't special, he has more interceptions (10) than touchdowns (nine), and is averaging a pathetic 6.45 yards per attempt. The only thing saving his starting job could be the endorsement from Chip Kelly the coach and general manage.

"I have been very pleased with Sam," Kelly explained. "I think our quarterback is playing well."

With the Eagles entering a bye week, could this be the time to move on from Bradford and make the move to Mark Sanchez?

"No, not at all," Kelly stated. "I think our quarterback is playing well."

In the trade, the Eagles can recoup a fourth round pick from the Rams if Bradford plays less than fifty-percent of the Eagles snaps this season.  If Chip Kelly has decided that Bradford isn't his quarterback in 2016 - is it time to move on from him and at least get the pick from St. Louis?

With the pick, the Eagles would have two third rounders and two fourth round picks - at least you can try to utilize those picks and recoup the second round pick you gave away to get Bradford.  I'm not saying Sanchez is the answer at quarterback, but he can't be much worse and if he is, what's the difference - get the pick and move on and find out if Sanchez is more comfortable in the offense - remember Sanchez is signed for 2016, which would be his third year in the offense.

Overall, it looked like the same inconsistent Bradford I’ve seen since he came into the league. He’s 21=34-1 in his career and I don’t know if he's in the right system or just an average player in this league.

What do you think? Is it time to sit Bradford and take the fourth round pick or play him and hope he shows the potential that made him the No. 1 overall pick in the draft?