Less than a day after his team lost 20-10 and his offense scored just 10 points, produced just 226 yards of offense, and seven, yes, seven yards rushing, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly echoed what many fans were thinking after the game.

"I don't know how the players felt.  I was embarrassed, yeah," Kelly explained Monday.

"That's not the way we're supposed to play football and that's not what we're all about.  But' we didn't play well yesterday.  I was embarrassed in how we played yesterday.

While Kelly may have been referring to his team in general, the play on the offensive side of the ball was inexcusable, specifically the inability to run the football. Kelly agreed with that assessment, adding “we didn't do a great job on our down blocks and sweep game. There was obviously too much penetration, whether it was from the defensive end or defensive tackle.”

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The Eagles only ran the ball 17 times, but gained just seven yards on the ground.

“No, we didn't run a lot of plays," Kelly stated. "But we ran sweep from a running back on one side of the quarterback; we ran sweep from a running back on the same side as the quarterback; we ran sweep with motion three different ways. We were running it, but we still didn't block them up front."

"I don't think how we were handing it off and the formations we were running them out of, they all varied.  But the biggest thing is we didn't stop penetration all night long, especially in the run game.”

The Eagles have a lot invested in their running game, bringing in the NFL defending rushing champ, DeMarco Murray and former first round pick Ryan Mathews - neither has gotten going through two games.but Kelly didn't seem to think they were the issue for the lack of production in the ground game.

"In most situations I don't put the blame on the running back because there was just too much penetration for those guys," explained Kelly.  "But, there were a few times where there were some things blocked up and we could have probably hit it a little bit better. But by and large we didn't block it very well.

The Eagles head coach didn’t pin the loss or poor play on any one unit. He made sure to spread it around - including himself.

“We are not putting together a plan that's good enough for us to execute offensively because we are not executing it. That kind of falls on the coaching staff on the offensive side of the ball, and that's what we have to spend our time on this afternoon.”

Despite the poor overall play of his team, Kelly knows this is something that can be fixed, and needs to be soon, with the Jets tough defensive up next on the schedule.

“Our message is, ‘We felt like we prepared well and played well in the preseason," Kelly said. "We didn't play well in the first half against Atlanta, we played well in the second half against Atlanta and we didn't play well at all against Dallas.’  That team that played in the second half against Atlanta is the team that we need to show up this week against the Jets."

When asked Monday what his message to the fans would be after two losses where the team struggled to move the ball on offense, Kelly was pretty straight forward.

"We are as upset, too," Kelly acknowledged. "We have got to get it straightened out this week when we go play against the Jets."