Heading into their matchup in Detroit on Wednesday Night the Flyers sit 6 points behind in 8th place in the Wild card Standings with 91 points.  They need to win on Wednesday to stay ahead of the Boston Bruins who are sitting in 9th place with 91 points.

When asked where this playoff push comes from, Flyers Radio Analyst Steve Coates credits the Flyers General Manager and Head Coach for creating an environment for success on the ice:

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images


"I think its an organizational thing, I think it comes right from the top. I think that Ron Hextall's created an environment the way he wants this hockey team. I think the coach obviously has been a major part of the success of this hockey club. And those two leadership elements have dictated what this group of 20 are doing on the ice surface. I think that's basically what it's all about."


"The season is an education to get yourself better to be better at this time of year. Is that not true what's happened to this hockey team? Yeah, this team is now very competitive as compared where it was back in October and November. So I think that its an organizational thing, top to bottom, and it's only going to get better."

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