Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said that Jose Contreras will be placed on the disabled list after an injury to his elbow on Friday night.

The Phillies will add another reliever before Saturday's game, here are some of the possible replacements for Contreras who could be out awhile.

Phillippe Aumont (AAA Lehigh Valley):

Why Aumont could get the call:  18 K's in 12 innings pitched, hitters are hitting just .209 against him.

Why Aumont needs more time:  1.92 WHIP suggests that he still isn't ready

Joe Savery (AAA Lehigh Valley)

Why Savery could get the call:  0.88 WHIP and 1.59 ERA since being sent down to AAA

Why Savery needs more time:  Hitters batted .261 against him and he struggled with a 4.14 ERA in 11 games with the Phillies earlier this season.

Jeremy Horst (AAA Lehigh Valley

Why horst could get the call:  2-0, 1.93 ERA in 18 games at AAA.

Why Horst needs more time:  In 28 games he has given up 30 hits and 14 walks.  He still struggles with control with a WHIP of 1.57.

Tyson Brummett (AAA Lehigh Valley)

Why Brummett could be the call:  He is right-handed and is having a solid season of 2-0, 1.95 ERA and a 0.77 WHIP - Hitters are batting just .145 off him and he has 21 K's in just 14 innings.

Why Brummett needs more time:  He started the season at AA Reading and might need more seasoning at AAA Lehigh