The success of Eagles Rookie Quarterback Carson Wentz has helped parlay the team to a 3-0 start to the 2016 season.  But the credit for Wentz's success can be directly correlated to a coaching staff with two former NFL Quarterbacks: Head Coach Doug Pederson and Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich.

USA Today Eagles Analyst Turron Davenport joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday and spoke about the impact of the Eagles coaching staff on Wentz's early season success:

"Really what they've setup is just a Quarterback incubator and that's what allow Wentz to have this instant success that he has had.   And then a lot of people don't give Doug Pederson and Frank Reich, the coaching staff, they don't get enough credit for the play design and also the play calls because they're making it more conducive for Wentz to have the type of success that he's having....When you have guys that have played the position in  Frank Reich, Doug Pederson in the league and also in college with Coach (Joe Defilippo), now you have guys that can really understand....Wentz can look at these guys and understand (that) they've been there and done that before so it has a different level of importance, effectiveness when it's coming from someone who has been in that same position."

Checkout what Davenport had to say about why Carson Wentz was so prepared to play in the NFL along with why the culture in the Eagles building different than last year and his analysis of what the Eagles should do with Zach Ertz and Dorial Green-Beckham moving forward