Entering his 3rd season in Philadelphia, Darren Sproles has emerged as a key player in the Eagles Running Back rotation; on Sunday Night Sproles was the leader in carries for the second time this season.  Sproles has second most rushing yards on the team this season with 228 Rushing Yards and is also second in receiving yards with 227 yards.  He has averaged 5.0 Yards Per Carry (second best on the team) and 78.6 Catch Percentage (best percentage on Eagles with minimum of 10 Passing Targets).

USA Today Eagles Writer Turron Davenport joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday and talked about Darren Sproles role in the Eagles offense:

"Sproles is probably their most explosive option and yeah he's 33 (years old) but he's one of those guys that 'Father Time' has been kind to cause he continues to have the explosiveness that he's had through out his career.  So I don't think it's a major issue having him as your....best option you just have to package it right and mix in  guys like a Wendell Smallwood and Kenjon Barner.  I would expect this week after what happened last (game) with Smallwood, I would expect to see a more consistent mix of Barner and Sproles....I think Sproles is definitely a solid option for them (at Running Back) and make no mistake about it he's their best weapon on offense."

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