After the Eagles won their first Super Bowl Championship, the organization has continued to work on ensuring the roster is ready to stay competitive in 2018.  The additions of Michael Bennett, Haloti Ngata, and Daryl Worley fill the void of losing Vinny Curry, Beau Allen and Patrick Robinson.  When looking at Howie Roseman's track record, it is understood that the work is not done at tweaking the roster this offseason especially with the draft only a few weeks away.

NFL Network Analyst Charles Davis joined Rich Quinones on Wednesday with his analysis of what the Eagles have done so far this offseason:

“Wasn’t it that Howie wasn’t smart before and now he’s a genius right? – Having a Super Bowl trophy also allows you to make bolder moves at times too and to me Michael Bennett’s a ‘bolder move’.  A little but older, Pass Rushing skills, played through a lot of injuries last year, also is a guy known to be in the newspapers and in the media talking about things that might not concern football which some organizations don’t want to have at all.  The Eagles have handled that quite well, that is a non-issue for them…They just won a Super Bowl with a bunch of guys who are concerned about their world and their environment not just the football field – And here you have Bennett (with) which you are counting on the rest of the Locker Room to take care of all….Howie Roseman has a lot of directions he can go and none of them are wrong.”

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