If you want to know the status of DeSean Jackson and his time with the Eagles. just check his Instagram account.

Late Monday night, Jackson posted a message on his account claiming that he had spoken with head coach Chip Kelly and that you can “say or hear what you want.”

Jackson also accompanied this post with a picture of Kelly chasing Jackson with a paddle in training camp last season.

According to Jeff McLane, Jackson has been calling some of his fellow Eagles teammates and telling them that he will return to the team in 2014 amidst trade rumors and speculation the past month.

Now Tuesday morning, Les Bowen of Philly.com reported that Jackson and Kelly did in fact speak and that it went as good as Jackson portrayed.

McLane appeared on 'The Sportsbash' with Mike Gill and Todd Ranck and echoed his report from earlier today: Jackson has been telling teammates he'll be back.

Now whether that is a tactic in efforts to re set and the market and regenerate interest in Jackson is remained to be seen.

Either way, Chip Kelly will have a lot of questions to answer about Jackson in Orlando on Wednesday.

LISTEN to Jeff McLane with Mike Gill and Todd Ranck:

John McMullen also reported on air today that the Eagles were not happy with his home being burglarized months back where a large amount of cash, a gun and jewelry were stolen.

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--Pete Giordano