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Here is today’s show: Wednesday, March 26th 2014

Zach Berman

Zach Berman, Philadelphia Inquirer, called in LIVE in Orlando from the NFL meetings to talk about what Chip Kelly had to say to reporters early this morning. Kelly did not provide any sort of endorsement for DeSean Jackson who has been on the trade block for weeks. Berman said that the fact that Kelly didnt endorse Jackson at all tells him that the Eagles are unable to commit to him and it's 'unlikely' he'll be on the roster. Berman also talks about the new Evan Mathis trade rumors, where the LG is reportedly on the trade block for a 3rd round pick. Mathis is seeking a new contract.



Top Tweets

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Geoff Mosher

Geoff Mosher, CSN Philly, on LIVE from the NFL meetings in Orlando. Like Berman said earlier, Mosher said this situation is still fluid and on going...possibly as its ever been with what Kelly had to say this morning. Mosher had an interesting comparison in that this situation feels a lot like the Donovan McNabb situation a few years ago where there was just a black cloud hanging over the organization. McNabb was traded on Easter Sunday.

5 Questions

1. Is this the beginning of the end for college sports?

2. Dumb thing to lie about on your résumé?

3. Wouldn't it be nice to have a Starling Marte?

4. Are you in favor of NFL playoff expansion?

5. How do you ask for a raise?

--Pete Giordano